The 100 season 7 episode 11 recap

The 100 season 7 episode 11 recap

Remember last week when Clarke jumped to Bardo and found her three friends as Disciples for the Shepherd? I wondered how much time had passed since we first saw Octavia and the rest agree to be warriors. He takes them in the elevator to the ground of Bardo and tells them to put on masks because the particulate matter in the air is lethal to humans and will calcify your insides.

When the doors open, they see an eerie wasteland with crystalized bodies all over the place. Yes, Anders says. So they begin their training, with Levitt as their head trainer.

Diyoza is immediately suspicious since he sent them to the surface where they could have, you know, crystalized and died. He explains that you can live up there for an hour or two and he was trying to buy them time until he found out another plan. Anders comes in and brings four other trainees who will be their partners. He tells them to spar and the four women immediately drop all these people on the ground. Anders has them go again, one by one, and Levitt points out that these are already trained warriors.

He thinks in order for them to get on board, that Anders should show them their way of life. And he slowly does, but first, he wants to do things his way: with a fear simulation.

We see Diyoza tied up back in the cabin while someone tries to kill a crying baby Hope. Diyoza wakes up in a simulation room screaming. Anders says she failed this test, just like O and Hope did. They see human babies growing in a lab. Sounds a little… master race to me?? Diyoza asks what happens once the children are born. Anders himself guides them through this one: deep breaths and citing a prayer about the Shepherd.

Back in their room, Echo says the Disciples are always watching and Hope needs to play along. She shouts back at her, but Octavia agrees: Hope needs to get her anger under control. Diyoza says all the Disciples want to see from them is single-minded devotion. If she can bury her feelings down, they can all get through.

Next, they get to start training with the suits and weapons. The small amount they have could wipe out the whole planet again. Next up on the agenda is learning to shoot while blindfolded, you know, a totally normal thing to learn. Their partners are supposed to guide them on where to shoot. Before the exercise starts, Echo asks Anders if the weapons are lethal.

He tells her no. So, while everyone else is trying to find their target, Echo shoots them and then hits her own target.Levitt arrives to extract the mind of one of the team when he sees a memory showing him that Bellamy is actually alive. Meanwhile, Bellamy arrives on the planet Etherea alongside one of the disciples.

The 100 7x11 \

They fight with the man meeting death. Bellamy walks through the woods, looking around. They fight again until Bellamy proposes they work togetherness to get off the planet.

The man agrees. Bellamy helps straighten his leg as he screams in pain. That night, they sit by the fire while Bellamy cleanses the man with sap from a tree. For days Bellamy and the disciple walk through the woods, looking and talking, trying to find their way off the planet. They make their way up a small rock wall as they talk about the Shepard, the story of a legend believed by Anders and the other disciples who are believed to have traveled to Etherea.

Time has passed, Bellamy and the disciple continue to walk through snow as they continue to make their way higher into the mountains. Bellamy wants to keep going while the disciple wants to stop walking.

The disciple comes upon him and drags him to shelter. Bellamy comes to and looks around. While the disciple attempts to make a fire, Bellamy feels worthwhile seeing a table. On it is a picture of Bill and his family.

the 100 season 7 episode 11 recap

Light comes from a nearby tunnel. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers document that Be Read By Millions! CDL is looking for full or part-time soapAnders turned the Anomaly Stone to Etherea, which is where Bellamy ends up with the Conductor he held hostage. Bellamy looks after him and nurses him back to health, because he knows they need to work together to get out of there. His leg heals and they make it up the mountain but then a snow storm hits.

He went through Etherea and discovered this, which is what everyone is working towards becoming. Bellamy feels their power but he denies Cadogan and what he saw, he can't agree with preparing for more war or letting go of his feelings for his loved ones. He sees a vision where Cadogan speaks to him and shows him Aurora, and she tells Bellamy to go towards the light. Bellamy then opens his eyes and the storm cleared, so he starts to believe.

Bellamy bows to Cadogan, and gets taken to Clarke and the others. They are being held in Cadogan's quarters because he still believes that Clarke has the key. Clarke is about to tell Cadogan she will help him as soon as he sends everyone else back to Sanctum, but he shows them Bellamy first.

Clarke hugs Bellamy and warns him about the key being the flame. Bellamy tells Cadogan the truth about the key not existing in front of everyone, showing that his allegiance is to Cadogan now.

the 100 season 7 episode 11 recap

Never travel to another planet without something to read. Even if it is pocket propaganda for another false god. The Season 7 Episode 11 Etherea. Editor Rating 4. User Rating. Edit Delete. Facebook Disqus. The Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes Never travel to another planet without something to read. Bellamy Permalink: Never travel to another planet without something to read. Even if it is pocket propaganda for Added: August 12, Conductor: Sweet Shepherd. Bellamy: He's not here.

I'm all you've got. Permalink: He's not here. Added: August 12, The Season 7 Episode The Season 7 Episode 11 Photos.Sheidheda has fled the scene and left a wake of dead and nearly dead bodies.

Emori and Murphy try to help the wounded while Indra says she must find him before he turns all of Wonkru. But then they all remember he probably has another target: Madi. The former commander is hanging out with her dog in the tavern when Sheidheda, covered in blood, walks in. Madi kneels, and I just think about the amount of therapy this poor young girl is going to need.

For now, Madi just has counselor Murphy. He finds her after Sheidheda leaves and talks her down from a panic attack. All of Wonkru is gathered before Sheidheda outdoors as he asks them to kneel. Indra busts through and says they will not kneel. Because he honors tradition, he accepts her challenge to a duel.

She grabs a sword from someone in the crowd, but he gets in another hard knock. He has her down with a boot on her chest when Madi comes flying in from the audience and brings a sword down on one of his eyes.

I will kneel. Luckily, Madi makes a quick exit. Murphy and Emori have hidden everyone in the nuclear reactor room. Is it just me or is JR Bourne just absolutely thriving in this role!? So, yeah. And also not so great on Bardo.

Unaware of the giant Sheidheda problem, Clarke and co. When Echo, Diyoza, and Octavia say they are soldiers, ready, willing, and able to fight in a war with the Disciples, Clarke knows something is up. She says she wants to talk to Bill alone. So, they divide and conquer. Niylah, Gabriel, and Jordan will stay in the Stone Room with Bill and the rest will go find their friends. Hope is tasked with finding everyone they care about in this building and getting them out within the hour.

Clarke finds Diyoza and Octavia in another room, and we get just about the sweetest reunion between Clarke and O I could have ever hoped for. Octavia knows something is off. We know Praimfaya means death.

There may be something here to watch…. Anyway, Bill and Gabriel chat it up about both being from a different time. Gabriel grabs a gun and follows him out.

Gabriel is sent back to the Stone Room, gun-less and Bill-less. But while Gabriel was away, Jordan was reviewing the symbols on the orb and the translations. Meanwhile, Octavia finds Levitt tied up and beaten in his room. He says that Echo killed two people in front of him before he cracked. He helped her get Gem-9, the bioweapon that killed the Bardoans. She plans to put a drop into the humidification system, which would give her enough time to get out before it goes through the vents and kills everyone.

Sadly, O ties her boy toy back up and not in a sexy way before leaving to stop Echo. They find her in a maintenance area about to squeeze a tiny dropper into a water pipe. She also says that a choice this massive will live with her forever. Echo finally gives in and as she cries, Diyoza grabs the dropper from her hand.But decisions he makes during this time have me completely reeling and perplexed as to how I should feel about his return.

Anyone relate? Fresh from getting pummeled by Echo, Levitt begins a neural link on a guard who was in the explosion in the Stone Room. You know the one, where Bellamy Blake died? And where did he end up? A lovely little place called Etherea. Bellamy gets spit out into the woods a few feet from the conductor.

Of course, they fight. After taking a look around the planet, he sees a glowing green light at the top of a mountain and knows this must be where the stone is. He attempts to climb a small section of it and decides he needs help.

He finds The Man in a cave and convinces him that if they want off the island, they have to work together.

the 100 season 7 episode 11 recap

While he recovers, Bellamy makes rope and antiseptic, starts a fire, finds water and food — all the things Pike taught him back on The Ark. RIP, Pike! And the Ark!

The Man in White wakes up, and they have heated discussions about peace and transcendence and love and selfishness. Etherea must be a magical planet because in no time at all, The Man is healed enough to walk — and not just walk, climb. They start climbing up the mountain, and we learn the Shepherd did this before on his pilgrimage through the universe a.

Bill had climbing gear and equipment. Bellamy and The Man just have handmade ropes. He goes it alone and nearly freezes in the snow. The Man finds him and brings him into a cave he found. This is the Cave of Ascent, which Bill named in his bible.Sheidheda is basically having a Game of Thrones wedding episode — but acting as if people have a choice in the matter.

Well, I guess they do: kneel or die. Emori and Murphy kneel so they can live to see another day. The convicts from Eligius IV have no allegiances, so of course, they kneel as well. But Nelson — or as he goes by his given name now, Satchinn — swore an oath to never kneel to a false god.

And just like that, Sheidheda grabs a machine gun and takes out all of the Children of Gabriel, except Satchin. He gives him one last chance to kneel. If you thought Sheidheda would take any time adjusting to life in command again, well, you were wrong. His No. Madi and a few others are missing, including Gaia and Clarke. She whispers for him to play dead and drags his body out with the others. Indra takes Luca to the garage, where Murphy and Emori are staying.

Sheidheda spared their lives so that they could care for the nuclear reactor there.

the 100 season 7 episode 11 recap

Murphy opens the door and immediately gets a gun in his face. Nikki forces him to enter the code for the reactor room. Luckily, Emori has been watching this on the cameras downstairs and knocks her out as soon as they enter. Their secret is safe. In the palace, Knight presents Sheidheda with some gifts: a throne made of skulls cool, coolthe Anomaly Stone uh-ohand the fact that he had someone else follow Nikki to follow Indra. Sheidheda shows up there with his army.

Murphy locks Emori and everyone else in the reactor room. Sheidheda is trying to make Murphy open the doors down there when Emori radios from down below. Sheidheda loves chess so much, he knows a stalemate when he sees it.

But Bellamy, his new disciple, he sits down with to share a cup of broth gross. Bellamy thinks there is another way: They help find and repair the Flame so Bill can finally have his war. And not only that, but he can find out if his son Reese was killed by his daughter Caliope, a thing he thinks happened — which is super dark!!

They are not pleased. Bellamy tells the guards to take her to the M-Cap to find out. Echo is less angry and more… completely distraught. She thinks that she spent all this time trying to get back to him and he spent his time forgetting them.

She vowed to never let that happen again, but then she wound up killing her own mom. Oof, sometimes I forget how totally dark this show can be! The last room of prisoners contains Clarke and Octavia.

But the girl time ends when Bellamy busts in with two guards.

He just keeps pushing to learn where the Flame is. Never one to give up easy, Clarke is fighting the M-Cap with all her might. Then he turns off the machine with Gabriel and Raven still there. Or so he says.

The 100 Season 7 Episode 11

And before you know it, the Anomaly Stone on Sanctum — newly relocated to the palace — opens up. Sheidheda vs. Who will win and determine the fate of humanity??Home to them is the people they love; they find identity, comfort, and acceptance in their clan. Indra has gone looking for Clarke, Gaia, and all the others who are missing, so she put Emori and Murphy in charge.

Do I believe Indra would really do this? No, but episode budgets are a very real thing. She relays all this to Nelson, who is refusing to join the ceremony. Jackson is also playing psychiatrist this episode as he talks Madi through her panic attack. So, when Bellamy told her she had to become the Wonrku leader to save Clarke, she was terrified.

Could Madi be the real key?? Murphy knows something bad is about to happen, but Sheidheda says if he plays and wins, he can be a hero. If he loses, people will die. Good thing Murphy knows how to play chess! Murphy is trying to keep his head down and play this game, but Sheidheda wants to taunt him and talk about power and being a survivor and yada yada yada.

You love to see a good Lexa reference! Cut to Murphy, still playing chess. Sheidheda says that Kaylee is too soft and the ceremony will fail without Daniel.

Then he grabs Murphy and holds a sharp chess piece to this throat. Just then, Nelson walks into the ceremony and Emori introduces him to his parents. Things seem to be going well at first. Then Nikki and the rest of the prisoners enter the room with guns and arm the Children of Gabriel.

Sheidheda lets Murphy go, and Nikki lets Emori get away as well. With the Children of Gabriel and the prisoners aligned, it would just take one little revelation from the Dark Commander for Wonkru to fall in line as well.

This is why Indra should never leave. After his betrayal, Gabriel awakes in a cell before guards drag him out and take him back to the Anomaly Stone. I think one too many Mind Drive swaps may have fried his common sense. Then he kisses her. And Zen, wise Octavia is there to take up her brother's mantle. Next door, Hope and Diyoza are having their own family reunion.

Hope is trying to bang down the door and come up with a battle plan while Diyoza is content to sit back and watch her struggle. As a mother, she only wanted Hope to see her as her mommy — not a killer. She says she trained for 15 years under two different Disciples just to save her mother.


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