Beagle puppy for sale near me

Beagle puppy for sale near me

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beagle puppy for sale near me

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Sometime in the s, he bred a pack of small Beagles that stood around 10 inches at the shoulder and were pure white in color. They were originally two different types, the smooth and rough coated varieties.

It is thought that by the beginning of the 20th century, the rough-coated type had become extinct. The Beagle first came to the United States sometime in the s, imported strictly to be hunting dogs. Although this dog breed may have originated in the United Kingdom, it has always been much more popular throughout the United States and Canada. Beagles have consistently been one of the top 10 most popular breeds in the United States for over 30 years and continue to be a widely adored breed throughout the nation.

The temperament of the Beagle is similar to that of a playful child, as they are full of energy and enjoy nothing more than your love and attention. It is very important that you have other animals while owning a beagle based on their pack instincts.

Beagles make exceptional family pets because of their general jovial nature and willingness to blend into the family pack. Keep an eye on your landscaping if you own a beagle, as they love to dig and make a mess of the yard, which is like all hounds. Because of their energy level, they are often not suitable for apartment living.

Like with all breeds of canines, it is important that you know the genetic background of the mother and father of the puppy. Most genetic diseases or potential congenital defects can be eliminated by assuring the parents are healthy dogs. So the most common genetic issues known to beagles are dysplasia, cherry eye, epilepsy, and hypothyroidism.

Novice owners should not shy away from the Beagle, however, just be prepared to attend obedience classes with your new best friend.

Beagles have a smooth double coat that is quite dense and is very resistant to moisture. As with any breed of dog, tooth brushing and nail trimming is recommended on a regular basis. Hound dogs might as well be considered a sporting breed because they have just as much energy. Daily exercise and an active lifestyle are a must for a beagle owner. Failure to meet a beagles necessary to a disobedient or potentially destructive companion. The most notable designer mixed breed associated with the Beagle is the Pugglewhich is a cross between the Beagle and a Pug.

Garfield's interactions with Odie make the comics funny and interesting. Who is Odie and what kind of dog is Odie? Beagles tend to have a sweet disposition, a friendly personality, and are loyal to their families. Here are a few more things to know about Beagle puppies:.

People love certain dogs for a variety of reasons.Adorable Beagle puppies are available for adoption The puppies where born in a home family surrounded by love and care They are healthy and updated with…. Beagle 2 has shots and dewormed has the most Gorgeous Hazel eyes call or text Rose.

Beagle 1 has shots an dewormed Has Gorgeous Hazel eyes ready for a great home call or text Rose. Meet gorgeous Reagan! Reagan has a fun personality and is the…. Meet Skip! He will steal your heart at 1st sight, just look at those dazzling BLUE….

This blue eyed girl is Cali, and she is as adorable as can be! She is the smallest….

Beabull Puppies for Sale

Jagger has a rare blue coat paired with piercing blue eyes. He is such a attractive boy! Merritt has already been spayed and is looking for her forever home.

The adoption payment includes age appropriate vaccinations and deworming, Frontline…. Sort Dogs by Cute Beagle Puppies. Breed Beagle. Gender Mixed. Age Puppy. Color Tri-colored. View Details. Beagle Two. Gender Female. Beagle One.

beagle puppy for sale near me

Gender Male. Color Blue. Browse Beagles by State. Manitoba New Brunswick. Ontario Quebec. Saskatchewan Yukon.

Dog Breeders. Dog Sitters. Dog Walkers. Dog Groomers. Dog Photographers. Dog Physical Therapists. Dog Rescues. Dog Trainers. Dog Veterinarians. Featured Dogs.Blitzen one of our rare lemon and whites - 2 weeks old.

Our puppies and parents are direct decendents of the original dogs that Dr. Robert Mock saved from extinction. Registry, so you are assured of the highest quality line of Old English Pocket Beagle. All of our breeding parents are given prenatal supplements, plus a high quality diet to keep Mommy and Daddy healthy, thus producing healthy puppies.

We prefer our puppies to be picked up however in some circumstances we will hand deliver.

beagle puppy for sale near me

I was looking for a small beagle and chose Barbara as the breeder. After speaking with Barbara over the phone I decided she was the best breeder for me. Barbara raises her puppies in her home with so much love and care. Throughout the process, Barbara was in frequent contact. I was initially impressed that she would not just let anyone adopt her puppies.

She really cared about what type of family and environment she would be sending one of her babies to. As soon as my puppy, Nikki was born, she was always available by phone and in constant contact with picturesemails and phone calls.

She was incredibly helpful in making sure I was prepared for my puppies arrival. When my beautiful Nikki arrived she was even more adorable than the pictures. She was the exact size and coloring I expected. She had a long plane ride but I could tell she would be a delight. She was immediately friendly. I took her my the vet the next day. My new puppy was in great health.

My vet was impressed with Barbara as a breeder based on all the information I had given him about my new puppy.Beagle Male, 6 weeks San Diego, California. Learn more View Details. Beagle Female, 6 weeks San Diego, California. Beagle Male, 13 weeks San Diego, California. If you would like to expand your search outside of Beagle puppies listed in California, then perhaps you would be interested in the following puppies.

Beagle Male, 43 weeks Eastern Kentucky, Kentucky. Hi ya'll! My name is Buddy and I am the smartest beagle ever. I was born February 22, I am smart, affectionate, friendly, very playful and overall, just so much fun Welcome to my page! My name is Lucy and I am the best beagle puppy ever. I was born February 22, I am smart, affectionate, friendly, very playful and overall, just so Champion Bloodlines Show Potential.

Susie is available for her new loving home! She has been raised with lots of love and care and a very healthy little girl! She is current on all her dewormings and vaccinations Beagle Female, 13 weeks San Diego, California. Beagle prices fluctuate based on many factors including where you live or how far you are willing to travel. You should never buy a puppy based solely on price.

Buy a Pocket Beagle Puppy Tiny Beagles AKC Cute & For Sale

Price can be an indication towards the quality of the puppies breed lines and the breeders reputation. This is the price you can expect to pay for the Beagle breed without breeding rights.

Please note, we display both the average price and the median price as the average price could be skewed based on a few outliers. The average can be impacted by a few very expensive puppies listed or sold or even a few cheap puppies often advertised or priced to display the deposit-only price.

We do not allow California breeders, adoption centers, rescues or shelters to list Beagles for free in California.Find the Perfect Beagle. Of course, your Beagle pup would prefer if his favorite humans came along for the fun, too!

Beagles shed moderately, but their short hair only requires weekly to biweekly brushing to stay shiny and healthy. With those floppy ears and lolling tongue, Beagles have been capturing hearts all over the world for generations. Beagles just love people, and will fit right in with your family from Day One.

Beagle Puppies for Sale

These dogs just love attention, too! Beagles are always on the go, and will be happiest with a family who can fulfill their high activity needs.

Beagles are real sweethearts who get along great with kids, making the ultimate playmate and companion to people of all ages. Beagles come in several different coat colors, making them the perfect dog for people who love variety. Ditch the scams and the puppy mills, and get ready to meet the best Beagles around. Sara S. With years of breeding experience, Sara has been a standout member of the Uptown Family. PuppySpot is a network of highly vetted breeders. Katie M. Smith Family. The Smith's were always crazy about dogs, and decided to share the joy with the world.

Stephanie S. Mary A. To a dog lover like Mary, nothing makes her smile more than uniting another fluffy bundle of joy. Bethany P. Bethany knows a thing or two about doggytelligence and breeds some of the best pooches on the planet. Still have questions about Beagle puppy for sale near me, Beagle breeders near me, or Beagle mix puppies for sale near me?

We wanted to create a place that rewards only the top breeders and Beagle businesses in the country, and empowers families to avoid puppy mills and scams online. The partners in our network are skilled at making travel accommodations of their pups all over the country, meaning you can pick up your new lemon Beagle puppy for sale at your most convenient major airport when the time comes!

Beagles puppies love to sniff everything, and will need outside time to stay happy. Beagles need daily walks, and like most breeds, this regular, moderate exercise is necessary to have a blissful, relaxing life with your new pooch.

Beagles are scenthounds, originally bred for tracking hare in England. Similar in appearance to the larger foxhound, Beagles possess exceptional noses and a love of adventure. Beagles have been exceptionally popular for hundreds of years, and continue to be depicted in pop culture time and time again.

Beagles are intelligent if somewhat stubborn dogs with a superior sense of smell and elite tracking ability. Today, Beagles are the most common dog breed used to sniff out illicit agricultural imports and quarantined food around the globe.

They also make great family dogs because of their boundless energy and terrific personality. Miniature Beagle puppies possess short coats and shed moderately, which will usually require grooming about once per week to keep shedding down.

However, Beagles do shed a little, so do keep that in mind. Like many breeds, Beagles have quite the variety when it comes to coat colors. For example, you may see lemon Beagle puppies, chocolate tricolor, red and white, tricolor, white and chocolate, lemon Beagle puppies for sale, orange and white, or others, even miniature Beagle puppies for sale. Ready to find the perfect puppy? Click to browse available Beagle puppies.

Breeder Application.Toggle navigation. Puppies for Sale. Find a Puppy! Breed Info Beagle. Beagles have been around in America since early colonization, and have grown to become one of the most popular American pets. Today, they are used for pack hunting a variety of game, such as Wild Boar, Coyote, Red Deer, and foxes.

beagle puppy for sale near me

Their strong sense of smell and excellent temper make them popular drug sniffing dogs. A national ruckus occurred when President Johnson picked up one of his Beagles by the ears on the White House lawn. This is a definite no-no!

Size The Beagle has a shoulder height of 33 - 41 cm 13 - Beagles have a square muzzle, round ears, slightly curved, cheerful tails, and round feet.

They have the appearance of a small Foxhound. Coat The Beagle has a short, hard, sleek, weather-proof coat which may be any hound color. Tricolor white, black and brown is common, or a combination of white and yellow, orange, or red. Character The Beagle is sociable, cheerful and independent. Beagles are very active and seem to be always ready for a walk or game.

Beagles are attentive but never belligerent. They have a distinct bark when on the trail. Beagles are just plain cute! The Beagle is sociable, cheerful and independent. The Beagle should undergo early socialization with other household pets, especially cats or other small non-canine pets they are intended to live with.

Beagles are friendly to dogs and children as well as strangers. Bred as a pack dog, the Beagle thrives on companionship with humans and other pets, especially other Beagles. They have a generally happy, lively demeanor and their tails are usually wagging. Browse through our breeder's listings and find your perfect puppy at the perfect price.

Temperament The Beagle should undergo early socialization with other household pets, especially cats or other small non-canine pets they are intended to live with. Care The Beagle should have its coat brushed daily and ears cleaned regularly. It should be bathed with a damp cloth occasionally. Beagles are generally very healthy, but susceptible to vertebral problems and hip dysplasia. Beagles live years and have litters of They can live outdoors in warm environments, as long as sufficient shelter and companionship is provided.

Training Though at heart they are independent hunting dogs, Beagles are very suitable pets for the home. They are stubborn by nature and learn best from obedience classes. Beagles are eager to please and behave well once trained, aside from the occasional mischief. Activity The Beagle needs lots of exercise and loves to go for a spirited walk.


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